About Me

I was elected to Congleton Town Council in May 2019, with 33% of Congleton East Voters’ support.

I am the first Women’s Equality Party Councillor in the United Kingdom.  

The Women’s Equality Party was established in 2015 to highlight and dismantle obstacles to gender equality in the UK: a political and economic architecture rigged against women and diversity, an education system riven with unconscious bias and gender stereotyping, a media that reinforces these stereotypes, a society that assigns little value to caregiving and therefore assumes it to be women’s business, that underpays women and invests less in women’s health and permits endemic harassment and violence against women.

These are the Congleton Town Council Groups and Committees I am part of:


Community and Environment Committee (Chair)

Planning Committee

Health and Wellbeing Working Group

Anti-Social Behaviour Working Group (Chair)

Congleton Partnership

White Ribbon Working Group

Integrated Transport Working Group

Congleton Green Working Group

Congleton 750 Celebration Working Group

Congleton Regeneration Working Group

Here are some local community organisations I’m also part of and provide a Town Council link to:

Congleton Museum Trust

COVID Community Leaders

Congleton Business Support

Congleton Pride Trust and Steering Group

Elizabeth’s Group – commemorating Elizabeth Wolstenholme Elmy

Senior Forum

Cheshire Police External Diversity, Equality and Inclusion (EDEI) Board

Cheshire East Domestic Abuse and Sexual Violence Partnership Board

NALC Women Councillors’ Network

CHOC Young Person and Children’s Mental Health Group

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